Monday, April 8, 2013

Rule 5

Normally I do a Rule 5 post, I really wasn't going to do it this season because there just wasn't any players that is all that exciting to write about. But then not to do it just wouldn't be me, now would it?

As for the HOF, I did a simple click on Hits in the nomination list and it gave me 10 legit outstanding players that deserve to be voted in just to start with. To me that is only a small dent as I think there are easily another 20 position players that are deserving. Going to  pitching, just clicking on Wins gives you another 10 or so but I wouldn't call all of them legit starting pitching candidates. Haven't even got to the Closers and the great bull pen pitchers that get no or very little recognition. In the end it is going to be tough to carry the votes needed.

On to the Rule 5 players from my board:

1.  Jermaine Brocail : Shows he has some room for growth though it won't be much. Could make for a nice setup pitcher for a few seasons for a team in the rebuild mode but doubtful beyond that.

2. Ruben Mota :  He has a somewhat weak arm but still a bit over the top for COF fielding wise.  Not great at the plate but could generate some offense. Is young and could grow some but  wouldn't expect much.

3. John Rooney : I think he actually has the potential to be better than the last guy except his fielding is limited LF/1B.

4. Jayson Patterson : My scouts see him as actually having ML potential in a setup role. His growth from last season wasn't overwhelming so I don't put much stock into it.

5. Orval McCormick : If you are in dire need of a 5th starter or long reliever this is the guy. He could get better with time but lack of growth from last season says that he will only be passable for a ML pitcher.

6. Banjo Ingram : I hate these types, bad control but everything else about top notch. If you are in a severe pitchers park then I would take a flier on him, but only have him available at home or where conditions favor him.

7. Bruce Sellers : Has range and a very ugly glove. Has speed and puts the ball in play but little else.

8. Danny Morgan : Of all the players I have seen so far, this is the first one I would have protected. Can play RF though the glove is a bit substandard but has a great arm. Has lots of speed and I think he can do some damage at the plate with his opposite field hitting but take the hit and run sign off. I don't like his makeup much, too much eyeliner and rouge.

9. Pedro Rodriguez :  I wouldn't let him play much above 1B which makes him next to worthless since he doesn't hit well.

10. Harry Jimenez : Could be used as a cheap backup to 2B/CF.  Has speed but chances of him getting on base is very slim.

11. Wally McGee : Need a backup utility player, here is your chance.

12. Eric Bradley : Need a backup catcher, here is your chance. Hell, with my standards for catchers he could be the starter.

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