Friday, April 5, 2013

First Major FA Signings

I was kind of surprised by the first two major Free Agent signings. Why so quick I wondered on the first big name to fall and for so little in all reality.

Vance Knowles signed a three year deal for $6.5M. I actually considered him the best right-handed pitcher available in the market. Even with his slow recovery time as the trend seems to be leaning toward a four man rotation. Just in case some of you haven't noticed, durability of starting pitchers have been gravitating into the 30's which leads one to believe that a four man rotation is possible and might become trendy.

The Mets wasted no time signing Fausto Castillo to a five year deal worth $5.8M. Considered more of a value pick in this market but right-handed starting pitching is actually a premium. The Mets also signed Bob Olson to a $4.8M 1 year deal.

Renyel Gongora signed a three year deal in Montreal at an average of $4.8M per. He gets special mention in this list because he was on my radar scope as I was waiting for his stock to drop to the bargain basement level.

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