Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The First 20

The first 20 games are in the books. So what do I think of how things have gone so far.

AL North

Twins on top, not a big surprise in my estimation but for how long is the question. I really think Montreal is the team to beat and it has shown so far, the injury was a set back. The Tigers may look good on paper but it sure hasn't put W's on the board and they can't win at home. Blue Jays spent a lot of money, for some reason it just didn't move me and they can't seem to win the close ones.

AL East

Did I say O's and Red Sox would duke it out all season long?  The O's could really use a 2B that knows how to play the position. The Senators at .500 is a bit of a surprise as I really don't like the pitching staff. I didn't think Dover was that bad but I might have been mistaken.

AL South

KC is a Royal pain like I said. Tampa in second is a bit of a surprise as I figured Texas would be a two steppin. Didn't I tell ya Radke just needed a place to play every day. Little Rock has been playing well at home but me thinks they might be seein dust soon enough.

AL West

Yup, them thar Angels are bad boys. Mariners have been playing very well also. Sky Sox start out 0-6 then go 11-3 to get back in it, what was that about? Then there is poor Helena who needs a reboot just like my computer did.

NL North

Here is a surprise, it took the Cubs all 20 games to get to a tie for first place with the Pirates. Brewers don't look as good as management thinks they are. Then there is the hapless Reds, don't get it myself either.

NL East

Oops, the Mets lead the division with the Braves on the warpath. The Phillies looked good for awhile then reality set in. The Colonels started eating at Bob Evans, it hasn't helped.

NL South

For a while I thought I would have to report the Astros in first place, the Marlins decided to fix that at the last minute. Astros are a surprise at the moment though. Mexico City might just be getting warmed up. Cards are not as bad as their record indicates, 19 innings for a 2-0 loss is hard to swallow although they beat the Mets 2 outa 3. 

NL West

Dodgers don't look to slow down at all this season. Arizona has been playing superbly but their arch nemesis is on the docket. The Giants are just as I said they were, pretty damn good. Then there is the Padres who are as bad as they look (sorry didn't pull any punches here).

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