Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First International Report

Max Guardado became the first International signed for the season as the Louisville Colonels offered him 80K to be their Rookie League SS.  As the money implies he isn't much to look at but can be a career minor league player unless the PEDS are in effect. SS is stretch as 3B/RF is a better suit. Hitting isn't going to be much to look at.

Juan Elcano signed a $3M deal with Texas. Hmm, he could be a gem in a relief role from the pen. Has the control and pitches, if the splits come around a very good cheap signing.

Enrique Accardo made the news with a rather large signing bonus of $8.8M with Baltimore. My scouts says he isn't the SS purported to be but what do they know. Actually I think they are right as he would be better off as a 3B. Contact might be below average but the rest in the hitting department looks pretty good with a some pop and the speed to leg out them doubles. Money was not over the top as he was a decent signing.

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