Friday, April 19, 2013

Line Ups

What do most managers look at when setting up their line ups? Basically they are looking at getting players that combines overall efficiency of hitting and fielding.

Lead off hitters can be hard to come by. What is needed: a real good eye, contact and splits with base running speed. One guy may not be able to handle the entire responsibility, maybe one for right handed pitchers and one for lefties. Power is not a requisite and should be lacking as a matter of fact as a good range is 0 to 60.

The two spot should mirror the lead off hitter in all reality just not as good maybe. A little more power is desirable but nothing outlandish, like 55 to 65. Basically your looking for a hitter that can move the runner along and hit doubles.

The hole hitter is kind of unique and may depend on the type of stadium you have. A severe pitchers park would be better served with another lead off hitter type that maybe doesn't have the all out speed and a little more power. On the road or in a hitters park you want the flexibility to put one of your best power hitters in this slot.

The clean up spot should be designated as the player with the best batting average and power numbers. If the bases are loaded which really doesn't happen all that often, you need some one to bring them home. Most like the idea of doing it with one mighty blast.

The fifth and sixth slots should actually mirror the clean up spot as best as possible. Just remember this rule, eye, power and splits before contact from here on out.

The seventh slot is usually reserved for the best remaining hitter with power. Normally the guy with a bad eye with good splits and contact.

The eighth slot is for the guy you just can't seem to find a good hitter for but need his defense. Like SS or CF.

The AL gets the use of a DH, usually in the form a big power hitter.  They might help you get to the WS, but can be more of a hindrance in the WS unless they can play another position. Many try to find a DH that can play another position somewhat well, like catcher or 1B.

If you let WIS suggest your line up, some screwball things will happen. They will put the player with the best speed in the lead off spot and the most powerful hitter in the hole slot.

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