Sunday, April 7, 2013


Ever wonder who has the best coach at a position? Well, I will make an opinionated stab at it plus tell the youngster owner how to get a better coach at a position.

Getting a better coach at a position sometimes takes a little perseverance and sometimes a little luck. Just because you don't see a coach you like available at a certain position doesn't mean there isn't one. They may be wanting a different job, most generally one they are not exactly qualified for. Most owners will bid on two or three different coaches at a position. I used to do that but generally don't do it any more. I also don't get into bidding wars for one either anymore. If I like that particular coach I might raise the offer one time but not by a lot, $100K or so. I think sometimes the system games the owner a bit to spend a few more bucks on him. However the only thing you really know is that once you make an offer and it is at zero, no one else has made a bid. Once most owners see that one sitting in the column they don't want to start a bidding war because it ties up money they probably don't have unless they want to play grinch. What you must look at is where the glut for a position is. This season it was the 3B position or the lack of 1B coaches. I know my 1B coach wanted the 3B job but he wasn't anywhere near qualified. So I found the 3B coach I wanted for 1B and made the offer. Most generally he will give you a wait and see answer and it could go on for several cycles but will sign when no one offers him a 3B assignment and they get few and far between.

Sometimes I wait to the last two cycles before even making a bid. The reason here is to find an over the top coach for a lesser job. Like a PC coach for the BU job. Right now there are four or five coaches that would be a huge upgrade to my BU coach. Also they are at rock bottom prices. But the catch here is the fact they won't drop down until right before the last cycle or all the positions at the ML level are filled. One could really cleanup with good minor league coaches right now. I know several that do that. The bad part about that is they usually only stay one year. That is how I got my PC coach for this year, I waited to the end and picked the best coach remaining. At the ML level they will always ask for the higher job in their class. I wouldn't make a habit of it however as it could backfire if your not careful.

Best ML Coaches:


Pete Wallace - Atlanta Braves, he has been around forever and knows DJ's sister personally.
Elroy Schultz - Colorado Springs Sky Sox, such a value buy.

First Base:
Ralph Groom - Montreal Expos, cost a small fortune but well worth it.
Max Roberts - Washington D.C. Senators, finds a way to cut through the red tape.

Third Base:
Melky Rosario - Texas TardTankos,  low loyalty rating, who cares, he can do the job.
Dummy Clark - Minnesota Twins, one of those stupendous names.

Teddy Collier - Colorado Springs Sky Sox, go look at his record if you don't believe me.
Jake Mabry - San Francisco Giants, my gut instinct makes me very wary of him in all reality.

Bull Pen:
Dan Melton - New York Mets, I consider him better than the two above him.
Adrian Smith - Baltimore Orioles, ditto.

Fred Ruebel - Los Angeles Dodgers, I just like his evenness across the board.
Rusty Gryboski - Milwaukee Brewers - he thinks he is a ladies man, just ask him.

Tommy Buchanan - Florida Marlins, defense proved beyond a shadow of doubt, sort of.
Heathcliff Rogers - Arizona Diamondbacks, proof positive high discipline has its ups and downs.

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