Saturday, April 6, 2013


Perplexed is the word I would describe or amused, maybe both. I looked at my schedule for the season and maybe, just maybe someone understood a little of what I was talking about when I was a tad bit upset last season. Hmm, is it a possibility these little spots of info get read from time to time especially when it pertains directly to the game? Anyway that is not exactly what I am perplexed about this season already.

I looked at my schedule as it is a wonderous thing to behold sometimes. I seem to recall last season that my Spring Training schedule was a road warrior hell. This season I start Spring Training on the road in San Diego, after that we have 10 straight home games. Only 5 away games total, four in the last 6 games and none of them to an AL park.  Okay, so it is Spring Training after all and really it is a who cares thing.  Normally we only care about the first 10 to 12 games anyway. Maybe a little more care could be taken in those first 10 games with the Spring Training schedule though.

Like maybe it would be nice to start the Spring Training schedule with a home and away series with an AL vs NL match up theme. After that it would seem simple enough that no team has more than 2 or 3 home/road games in a row.

This year I start the season with the Phillies. At least the schedule differs every year with the opening buzzer. What I wanted to know is whether or not the D'Backs games at the end of the season were back to back or separated, last year they were separated. Surprise!! Lo and behold, no 7 game stretch with the same team at the end of the season! Matter of fact, the D'Backs schedule is over by All-Star break. The Giants are the offending 7 game stretch culprits this year with Mexico City caught in the middle. But caveat this season as the games are not in the same between off-day stretches and before preparing for the draft even.

I know the D'Backs will be thrilled about this information. Well, almost thrilled, instead of the Mets, they get the Phillies for a back to back 7 game stretch at roster expansion time to end the between off-day stretch. 

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