Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Known Unknowns

The Tigers announced the resigning of the disgruntled Dom Tabaka with a three year deal for $5.8M plus deal.

Rich Faulk made it past the agent influence to sign with the Mets in a faulty four year deal.

Buster Kaufman was paid a lot of bucks just to pitch for the Cubs at a poor AAA farm club last year. This year he gets a better four year deal and a ML uniform to boot in Seattle.

The Phillies signed Dustan Bullinger to a three year deal  for $5.2M. It made the rest of the NL East to sit up and take notice at least.

Victor Grieve was signed by the Cubs for the season for $5M. We think he just wanted someone named Victor on the team.

Carlos Mesa picked up the Dodgers and a wad of cash in the tune of $8M for four year. Hopefully he won't get beat up by the cat, dog, wife and won't get a splinter to stay off the DL.

The Twins yanked Oswaldo Chavez chain to play CF for $4.8M for two years.

The Tigers also bought the aging Glenn Knepper with a two year $2.8M deal.

The Reds made news by signing Vernon Darling to a two year minimum contract and a $5M signing bonus.

The Brewers signed T.J. O'Brien to a two year deal $4M plus deal. Also added Fernando Cerda with a one year $4.2M deal. Now which one bats first and second?

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