Monday, April 15, 2013

NL Crystal Ball Readings


1. Chicago Cubs seems like a sure thing and they are. A lot of things would have to wrong to slow them down even.

2. Cincinnati Reds has the offense to take second in the North. The problem could be pitching in the late innings.

3. Milwaukee Brewers has assembled a rather interesting team and say they can make the playoffs. This team will nickel and dime you to death on offense while the pitching staff just might not be up for the task.

4. Pittsburgh Pirates had a playoff string of 14 straight until last season and were in it to the end. Still a very formidable foe that knows how to win, I just don't see it happening this year.


1. Atlanta Braves will more than likely repeat again.

2. New York Mets made the playoffs last year and are stronger than ever on offense and in pitching.

3. Louisville Colonels is a team on the rise. Don't look now but here is another team that could easily end up in the playoffs.

4. Philadelphia Phillies have been rebuilding but just enough of the pieces as of yet.


1. Mexico City Diablos Rojos won the the South last year in incredible fashion. Can they repeat is the question. I think they are actually better than last year.

2. Florida Marlins are no chumps and look to get back into playoff mode one more time. All eyes will be on Ivan as he can become the first pitcher with 400 wins and 100 saves  this season.

3. St. Louis Cardinals will be one tough nut to crack and have the ability to be playoff bound but I don't think all the pieces are there yet.

4. Houston Astros should win 65 games this year with ease but I don't see them as playoff contenders with the rest of the division.


1. Los Angeles Dodgers are still the team to beat.

2. San Francisco Giants have the capability to take second and get to the playoffs even.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks were frustrated last year. They have a contending team that can stink really bad one day and smell like roses the next. Pitching just doesn't seem all that good to me.

4. San Diego Padres look good on paper but not playoff good.

After looking all the teams over from head to toe this is going to be really hard to come up with only 6 teams. It might be easier to pick 6 teams not going to the playoffs and I am not sure I could get that right. Well here is my prediction, looks like last years playoff teams.

1. Chicago Cubs
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Atlanta Braves
4. Mexico City Diablos Rojos
5. New York Mets
6. Cincinnati Reds

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